Самые невероятные случаи появления диких животных в городе. Животные приходят в гости

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Дикие животные, как правило осторожны и аккуратны, но иногда могут забрести на территорию человека в поисках пищи или сбившись с пути. Для людей это удивительные и редкие моменты, когда диких животных можно увидеть прямо в городе. Но также это и очень опасно, поэтому нужно соблюдать осторожность, что люди не всегда делают. Хочу представить вам подборку самых невероятных случаев появления диких животных в городе. В подборке вы увидите, как по городу разгуливают носороги, бегемоты, олени, львы, медведи, а также нашествие кенгуру в Австралии и крокодилов в Индии. Приятного просмотра!

Podborkın TV
Podborkın TV 3 miesięcy temu
Dear friends, visit my channel. Дорогие друзья, заходите на мой канал plpost.info
Warpath Miesiąc temu
I just found your channel. I subscribed and I'm binge watching all your videos. I think I was meant to discover your channel lol
Videos TikTok
Videos TikTok 2 miesięcy temu
@Ezkvlra ឮ
Ezkvlra 2 miesięcy temu
i love thid channel
Sicarió JOHN
Sicarió JOHN 3 miesięcy temu
An original name
An original name Godzinę temu
1:02 oh be do, I wanna be like you, I wanna walk like you, talk like you too
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 3 godzin temu
That Chimp was so close to ripping that guy to pieces.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 3 godzin temu
The bear at the beginning obviously is missing one paw and the other arm is broken. But leave it too humans to project human characteristics onto it and laugh. His name was Pedals and he was shot and killed by a scumbag after two years of sightings. It is a typical story of scum bag evil awful humans as the scourge of our world with good humans constantly having to clean up their messes. Wish I could find that guy and put an arrow through him, then ask him how he feels about hunting.
ЕвА eBa
ЕвА eBa 7 godzin temu
Собаку жалко, не ужели не одна тварь человеческая не могла камень бросить в крокодила
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 11 godzin temu
Humans are an infestation on the planet
Luno Malangabi
Luno Malangabi 12 godzin temu
the way im cryinggg right now!!😭😭😹😹😹 5:24 isnt the west indies...its south africa!!💀💀 i can tell by the taxi, the engen garage and ok express convenient store💀💀
Hamed 18 godzin temu
They came to see humans life
Romina Dachiele
Romina Dachiele 20 godzin temu
Poverini abbiamo invaso i loro spazi .
Marsha Steeds
Marsha Steeds Dzień temu
I think I read somewhere that the bear had injured his front paws.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 3 godzin temu
Its obvious. Typical humans though cracking jokes.
yumiko/pamiko imai
yumiko/pamiko imai Dzień temu
( ゚д゚)…((((;゚Д゚)))))))oh my Buddha。
Leadro Borges
Leadro Borges Dzień temu
04:25 is the best. Imagine the situation
Sarah Parkes
Sarah Parkes Dzień temu
these are probably areas these animals have been living in long before humans arrived
samyshantosh Dzień temu
One horned rhino my friend only in nepal
Cashier like ostrich when Tiger come...he just close his eyes and think Tiger can't see him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOL
Philipp Glanzmann
Philipp Glanzmann Dzień temu
Russ q-k
Russ q-k Dzień temu
5:22 that’s a hippo in South Africa, not the West Indies....
T K 2 dni temu
Bear: see? hooman never realize I'm bear..
Chahal Jovial
Chahal Jovial 2 dni temu
C'mon they got us in the last one 😂😂
Светлана Гладышева
Светлана Гладышева 2 dni temu
"Медведь гуляет по улице Нью-Джерси". Вот Вам и снежный человек. У какого-то медведя в лесу была поранена передняя лапа и ему просто легче было передвигаться на задних.
anuragchoubey 2 dni temu
That walking bear is evolving into a higher being
Nikita Nale
Nikita Nale 2 dni temu
The tiger was incredible
Inga Batrova
Inga Batrova 3 dni temu
It proves that there is much less wild living places for animals of our Earth
Mr. Sanjay Deori
Mr. Sanjay Deori 3 dni temu
The true celebrities✨
Hennepun 4 dni temu
2:58 bro that monkey ate shit 😭😭
Тара Га
Тара Га 4 dni temu
Бедные, несчастные животные
Kajal Bhowmik
Kajal Bhowmik 4 dni temu
watching this clip it makes me realise tha t there are gud people living who make animals look like celebreteeeeeeeeee best
Deepansh Chandra
Deepansh Chandra 5 dni temu
2:59 HE DIED!??
Niels Ohlsen
Niels Ohlsen 5 dni temu
This is sad to see, and only happening because we destroy the palaces where the animals live.
WWE Videos
WWE Videos 5 dni temu
WTH was the last one?🤔😂
Mat S
Mat S 6 dni temu
So much meme potential...
Scott Daniels
Scott Daniels 6 dni temu
The rhino was like okay everyone let me shit first than you can take all the photos you want.
Scott Daniels
Scott Daniels 6 dni temu
I wonder if that tiger was wild or escaped from a circus or something like that, there more freaked out than you are.
Scott Daniels
Scott Daniels 6 dni temu
That's bear in a man suite
Леонид Шуткин - Léo Chutkin
Леонид Шуткин - Léo Chutkin 6 dni temu
За подборку лайк. У оленей стадо, у львов прайд, носороги только дикие и бывают✌️
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 6 dni temu
4:30 dude did a double look after closing his eyes to see if he was seeing correctly lmao
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 6 dni temu
2:36 that chimp wanted to fuck them up
Manikandan S
Manikandan S 6 dni temu
That's one scrawny bear
Ruan Perpetua
Ruan Perpetua 7 dni temu
É o Zé coméia kkkkk kkk 1:30
Wojciech N
Wojciech N 7 dni temu
9:45 this is Poland ;
Boogie Man
Boogie Man 7 dni temu
4:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Psycho Psychologist
The Psycho Psychologist 7 dni temu
Imagine walking down the street and seeing a lion pack lmao
GerardBo 8 dni temu
That bear walking on two hind legs wanted to pass unnoticed, just another biped strolling around... Sorry pal, ears and furr are tell-tale signs of an Ursidae on the prowl...
Zorba Smiling
Zorba Smiling 8 dni temu
4:30 When he's Too Bored To Hunt,And Plan For Window Shopping.
Alexandra Angleró
Alexandra Angleró 8 dni temu
What? The tiger went to get some snacks let the big fella get his groceries
Anbu Narashiman
Anbu Narashiman 8 dni temu
humans destroying nature in the name of development. all animals lost their home. Humans most dangerous animals. in this universe.
Neelotpal MRINAL
Neelotpal MRINAL 8 dni temu
Tiger, lion, wild buffalo, Gaur (Indian bison), elephant, rhino, crocodile, leopard, python...you name one giant of the wild. We have encountered all in India's cities. Clearly man is encroaching upon nature. When we fragment their habitat, wild animals will enter cities. The Coronavirus should give us time to ponder over our ways. May all be healthy and happy👍
陸。 9 dni temu
Robin Panei
Robin Panei 9 dni temu
The bear walking on two leg's burned his front paws.
Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris 9 dni temu
Joke...Why did the anaconda cross the road? Because it could.
Ryan Ocarroll
Ryan Ocarroll 9 dni temu
Why did the anaconda cross the road?
Saurav Roy
Saurav Roy 9 dni temu
Jumanji just got real.
Ramesh Suthar
Ramesh Suthar 9 dni temu
They all came to visit city life 💕🥰 They are so intelligent Even they love to travel 😊
Pratisha Chetiya
Pratisha Chetiya 9 dni temu
And there's nothing funny about this Vedio...
Pratisha Chetiya
Pratisha Chetiya 9 dni temu
We humans are responsible for everything... I feel bad for these animals we have completely destroy our nature and now they are suffering... What else they can do they have to invade cities in search of food
徐啟唐 9 dni temu
Yara silveira
Yara silveira 10 dni temu
Mais uma vez dou os PARABENS ao Japao pelo carinho com que tratam os animais
遅れてやってきた軍國少年 10 dni temu
games mundo
games mundo 10 dni temu
Mihail Pervyi
Mihail Pervyi 10 dni temu
Дикие кабаны в подписковье plpost.info/chat/yLPXn5qkuZh8oHo/wideo.html
Ruru Chen
Ruru Chen 10 dni temu
The bear walked on two feet and thought it was Bigfoot
Maciek1424 11 dni temu
4:49 "Hello Police. An intruder has entered my store."🐯👮🏼‍♂️ That guy dropped his wallet?
Yemlihan Sagir
Yemlihan Sagir 11 dni temu
Tiger in the store was good
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore 11 dni temu
lol could anyone translate what the guy at the end of the video said? (about the guy in the kangaroo suite)
steve randall
steve randall 11 dni temu
I loved this. Excellent. Great channel.
::: M I K E :::
::: M I K E ::: 11 dni temu
Eu trouxa vendo de boa o anúncio no início do vídeo do cachorro dirigindo uma moto junto com 2 caras atrás achando que fazia parte do vídeo, só percebi que era anúncio depois que acabou.
tiago marcelo
tiago marcelo 11 dni temu
Isto culpa nossa do ser humano que destruimos o mundo animal para a raça humana fazer mais populaçao .
KittyBlues Pink Shoes
KittyBlues Pink Shoes 11 dni temu
Poor animals!
Arstan Mergen
Arstan Mergen 12 dni temu
последнее животное очень распространено в больших городах
Jfjfjc Cjdkdk
Jfjfjc Cjdkdk 12 dni temu
Kangaroos don't bounce down our streets,that was cgi lol,
olteanu alexandru
olteanu alexandru 12 dni temu
the tiger be like.....chill bro chill,i just came for the cigarettes
Cookie Games
Cookie Games 12 dni temu
THE LAST ONE THO!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ewa Sonten
Ewa Sonten 12 dni temu
Karmosa hasni
Karmosa hasni 13 dni temu
Julius Chakma
Julius Chakma 13 dni temu
Wild rhinoceros was in assam india
Mouse AkariChan
Mouse AkariChan 13 dni temu
Жесть... выходишь вечерком чипсиков купить... а там львиная стая....
Cleopatra Fierce
Cleopatra Fierce 13 dni temu
That wild rhinoceros in city of nepal is my city.
B H 14 dni temu
Makes me thankful I don't live anywhere with giant predators roaming
Life isHard it's harder if you're stupid.JohnWayne
Life isHard it's harder if you're stupid.JohnWayne 14 dni temu
5:09 be careful-, coronavirus positive hippo
Vierania Salatiga
Vierania Salatiga 14 dni temu
Swo sweet
kisesa issa
kisesa issa 14 dni temu
Thie tiger killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 16 dni temu
i hope the dog survived from the crocodile.
Rm Nathan
Rm Nathan 17 dni temu
Bear.. Hey man.. Give me space to move around.. I am new in town...
Imaspecofdust 17 dni temu
I dont like bears walking like humans-
Mellyboo Murray
Mellyboo Murray 17 dni temu
if anyone was trying into steel anything I guess the guy around the counter wont of to bother calling the police jus to how the tiger walk in 😂😂😂😂
Human 18 dni temu
Really shame on humans, we made animals homeless
Majde Hamed
Majde Hamed 18 dni temu
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall 18 dni temu
MC댕댕 18 dni temu
2:44 감전 ㄷㄷㄷㄷ
MC댕댕 18 dni temu
2:04 아니 무슨 크락션 소리랑 브금 마치 곰이 도시에 나오는 만화영화 같이 경쾌해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
redrum2013aw 19 dni temu
Black bear: Don't mind me I'm just a regular human doing regular human things definitely not a bear
Sein Maestro
Sein Maestro 20 dni temu
notice.. they were using the dogs as bait... that guy saw the croc
lee now
lee now 21 dzień temu
wait! whats good about that man! Watch the tape again! He fed the seal the plastic bag!!!!
Indian boy
Indian boy 21 dzień temu
@1:01, maybe the bear understood that's it's in a humans area, so it's walking like us.
Na Luvs
Na Luvs 22 dni temu
Please tell me where these places are so I never visit them...Can you image meeting tigers and lions at night!!!
Важно быть человеком! Аллхамдулилах.
Важно быть человеком! Аллхамдулилах. 22 dni temu
Кто-то нашел шткатулку Джуманджи, и случай кубиков подбросил и появилось все дикие животные в городе 😃
suvadeep banerjee
suvadeep banerjee 22 dni temu
Very good to see this that humans have behaved with all of them friendly. Animals and trees r our parts. We all r like a family. We must save, love and respect them.
Mm4riii 22 dni temu
1:11 I think that explains many "bigfoot" sightings lmao
daniel j 8711
daniel j 8711 22 dni temu
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