Добрые и трогательные поступки: люди спасают попавших в беду диких животных

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Подборка трогательных и добрых поступков, совершённых людьми ради помощи и спасения жизни диких животных. Хорошо, что среди нас есть такие люди, которые имеют чувство сострадания и готовы прийти на помощь животным. Великодушию, доброте и неистовой способности к состраданию этих людей, можно только позавидовать

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Podborkın TV
Podborkın TV 7 miesięcy temu
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king azhar
king azhar 10 dni temu
Sir please can u give me the name of the last music in your video please thank U !!
king azhar
king azhar 10 dni temu
@brian parker Hi !! Did u get the name of the last music please??
brian parker
brian parker 10 dni temu
was oops @king azhar
Charlie 75
Charlie 75 15 dni temu
@K. Dolly I copyrighted his video but I’m waiting for something to happen, can you as well?
K. Dolly
K. Dolly 15 dni temu
@Charlie 75 I really don't understand these people who live their lives for the sake of views and fame, nasty
Edward Robson
Edward Robson Godzinę temu
I love these kind of people
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 3 godzin temu
I didn't know there were wild horses. Cool.
Beeb 4 godzin temu
Those deer collapsing in exhaustion broke my heart
ЕвА eBa
ЕвА eBa 7 godzin temu
Тот что рога пилил просто ювелир.
rajana maharjan
rajana maharjan 16 godzin temu
The bird in 0:42 : uuhh wut just happened??
Deborah Blanco
Deborah Blanco 17 godzin temu
the bird one just made my anxiety go↗️
Teorino lacueva
Teorino lacueva 19 godzin temu
Me hizo llorar este video, ojalá todos pero todos los humanos fuéramos como los que están en este video 🇦🇷✌👍🥰😘😍❤
Angie 20 godzin temu
The shark one is pretty much showing that sharks aren’t bloodthirsty animals, I’m sure it’ll remember that and at least not go for things on 2 legs
Joe White
Joe White 23 godzin temu
God bless you all!!
jeNOJAEMin 23 godzin temu
Baby bear was holding unto his life omg 😭😭
Epic Kai
Epic Kai Dzień temu
First clip was an stupidity 🙄
КарающиЙ Dzień temu
Надо всегда помагать нашим братьям меньшим )))))
Que lindo que no todas las personas los mtan unos los ayudan a no morir 👍❤👌😎
Gülhan Kaptan
Gülhan Kaptan Dzień temu
Ly Gwada
Ly Gwada Dzień temu
Amazing people🙏🏽🧡
Kruppt808 Dzień temu
damnnnn these are so sad but also very happy.
Honga Meyo
Honga Meyo Dzień temu
So russians catch bear from water ???
Crazy Animal World
Crazy Animal World Dzień temu
Relaxing channel
Relaxing channel Dzień temu
RareSplasher Dzień temu
I wish people including me are like this. *Stop Animal Abusing*
Derlis Diaz
Derlis Diaz 2 dni temu
Que conmovedor y tierno lagrimee de la Felicidad 😃
ji rae
ji rae 2 dni temu
The shark tho Its just cute to me 😘 😂
Виталий 2 dni temu
прекрасное видео. очень приятно такое смотреть!
ThatFishingAddict 2 dni temu
its crazy to think that animals probably think "Holy crap im about to die" and then they get rescued and theyre like "tf??"
YB™ 2 dni temu
I’m sure Hancock would easily help the whale
Henry Marckisotto
Henry Marckisotto 2 dni temu
its almost like once the deer knew what was going on they presented their antlers to the man. also never approach a horse like that
Loli Who
Loli Who 2 dni temu
They do come back to help if ure in trouble haven't u all watched the videos on Y.T about vilde animals🙌😍
Αδριανα Παπαδοπουλου
Αδριανα Παπαδοπουλου 2 dni temu
Είμαι αυτός το σχολείο που έψαχνες Φτάνει μην πας κάτω Οοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοποοοοοοποοοοοοποοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοόοοοοοοοοοοόοοοοοοοοοοοοόοόό ΜΕΡΕΝΤΑΑ ΑΑΑΟΑΟΑΟΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ
Macchione LeylaGreys
Macchione LeylaGreys 3 dni temu
Jerusalema funny 😄 plpost.info/chat/x7W5hZvYuaVrq3o/wideo.html
Zé Bravo
Zé Bravo 3 dni temu
Thanks for rescue this animals. God is great.
Pepeh 3 dni temu
Cuando los humanos se unen para ayudar se erradican todas las crueldades
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 3 dni temu
Salva 1, mata milhões!!
ASMR Marie Unicorn
ASMR Marie Unicorn 3 dni temu
The little humpback whale shocked me I'm so glad they saved it
Abdullah Şahin
Abdullah Şahin 3 dni temu
I find some of these very weird. Some of these situations are our's fault so we should definotely help, but some of them are just animals in their natural habitats. I'm not sure if it's ok or not to help them. Could someone give me an argument for helping animals in their natural habitat other than "Helping them makes me feel good"?
Alexandra 07
Alexandra 07 4 dni temu
if only all people were like that
Hichirõ Yû
Hichirõ Yû 4 dni temu
8:49 blood on the wood...?? left
You Tube
You Tube 4 dni temu
The deer one was giving me anxiety
_ Antheproxx
_ Antheproxx 4 dni temu
This animals shouldnt be helped by humans, cuz, u save a deer and u feel great, cuz we assume that the fact of animal dies is sad and bad, but is not, all animals dies for different reasons, if u save a deer ur may killing another one, we shouldnt get into nature and "help" animals.
_ Antheproxx
_ Antheproxx 4 dni temu
When an animal isnt strong enough to survive he should die so another animal that actually is strong enough to survive will live.
_ Antheproxx
_ Antheproxx 4 dni temu
U save a deer so a scavenger animal will die
_ Antheproxx
_ Antheproxx 4 dni temu
Yeah u saves that shark so cuz of that a seal will die
Nidalee cansada
Nidalee cansada 4 dni temu
Nossa que herói cortou os 2 chifres de um veado adulto, ao invés de chamar o controle de animais para seda-los e desprende-los...
Davina Baumert
Davina Baumert 4 dni temu
Sparkle Farts
Sparkle Farts 4 dni temu
Why is there a camera in a perfect position, filming a bird protecting its clutch, this bird has not been saved, a human brought it in this situation!
Abby Karra
Abby Karra 4 dni temu
God bless yo u
Marcel Ungurean
Marcel Ungurean 4 dni temu
lilian moreau
lilian moreau 4 dni temu
Men’s push , pull , try to help,women just watch and take pictures.
menestrul 5 dni temu
C U 5 dni temu
The first bird had me going how ungrateful!. Then the horse traitor offspring🙄🙄. I'm sooo not helping the shark
Zaneigyha Chélon
Zaneigyha Chélon 5 dni temu
I don’t know why but the last one made me tear up. It was a legit massive celebration of the whale regaining his life back!🥺🥰 so happy for him.
mhd anas
mhd anas 5 dni temu
Last one is insane👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Larah dos Santos
Larah dos Santos 5 dni temu
isso é realmente incrível
19ninty9 lee
19ninty9 lee 5 dni temu
i m crying while watching video..love all animals and humans
Renata 5 dni temu
Da je bar na svijetu više takvih ljudi,divnih i plemenitih👏👏👏❤️
Cho Cho
Cho Cho 6 dni temu
Save the animal.save the wild.❤️❤️❤️
S C 6 dni temu
Some folks don't seem to realise so I'll say it here: the bird in the field at the beginning is standing over her nest of eggs. She refuses to leave them and you can see her shading them with her wings. The kind farmers didn't plow over her eggs.
Fábio Nunes
Fábio Nunes 6 dni temu
Ações como essas nos faz ainda ter fé no homem.
nazım otuzdört
nazım otuzdört 6 dni temu
what about saving humans ? this is importnant ? Africa still waiting for u guys ! wanna do something for OTHERS like animals ? rich guys ? ultra rich guys ?
Sandra Agudelo
Sandra Agudelo 6 dni temu
Amo estas personas. que buen sentimiento tienen hacia los animales
Mat S
Mat S 6 dni temu
The guy with the chainsaw on a stick... wow
Rosangela Maria
Rosangela Maria 6 dni temu
Xato. Muito demoradi.
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 6 dni temu
Tuyệt vời!
Shoxnoza Eshpekova
Shoxnoza Eshpekova 6 dni temu
Канчалар чиройли нарса инсонийлик
Levent DOĞAN
Levent DOĞAN 7 dni temu
10.08 sound?
Pato Duck
Pato Duck 7 dni temu
I want to save animals when I'm old enough to have a job, I want to be a vet, then buy a veterinary centre and then an all animal shelter
Pato Duck
Pato Duck 7 dni temu
Wait did the horse get its foot stuck in its hair? Or am I being stupid
Rage Thompson
Rage Thompson 7 dni temu
For player help want save them animal not want hurt animal
Stas 7 dni temu
бедная птичка в начале ролика. что она пережила за эти несколько секунд..
Nasan Bagadaa
Nasan Bagadaa 7 dni temu
That tiny horse on the road is mongolian 💕🤗
スカイ虎狼 7 dni temu
Matteo El Sabea
Matteo El Sabea 7 dni temu
Mooie gebaren
fiammetta la barbera
fiammetta la barbera 7 dni temu
Le corna sn sempre nefaste
fiammetta la barbera
fiammetta la barbera 7 dni temu
Che bello vedere azioni umane vere
Brko 7 dni temu
Kot Kit Guy
Kot Kit Guy 8 dni temu
the bird, what a hero! he gives his life for his children
Franco Specchia
Franco Specchia 8 dni temu
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray 8 dni temu
I'd be scared to save the shark
Mendi Márta Jankó
Mendi Márta Jankó 8 dni temu
Jó hogy vannak ilyen kedves emberek
marie dominguez
marie dominguez 8 dni temu
no entiendo lo que dicen los comentarios UnU
Марина Бабакаева
Марина Бабакаева 8 dni temu
Марина Бабакаева
Марина Бабакаева 8 dni temu
A-sian nott B-sian
A-sian nott B-sian 8 dni temu
10:13 Bet the whale is just resting on the shore lmao.
Michelzinn FF
Michelzinn FF 8 dni temu
9:31 aonde eu moro q orgulho
ArfanAwesome Music
ArfanAwesome Music 8 dni temu
Idk why but the last act got me crying
mcfcguvnors 9 dni temu
wow...skills with a chainsaw
Benjamin Yang
Benjamin Yang 9 dni temu
Cuting their horns most of hurt
Mith U
Mith U 9 dni temu
Seriously, no need for the dramatic music. Ruined the video.
chaine variée
chaine variée 9 dni temu
Hello watch my vidéos 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
nikyfau 9 dni temu
The first instead put down the cam pick up the tractor and go over it, he could just move the bird 😓
장만옥 9 dni temu
동물들은 인간도움없이는 살아갈수 없음을 보여주는 영상이내여..잼있게 잘보고 갑니다!
Neev Gupta
Neev Gupta 9 dni temu
*The bear was shaking with cold...*
world learners
world learners 9 dni temu
Who the fu.... hit that dislike button bro..
Yara silveira
Yara silveira 10 dni temu
Parabens a todos os envolvidos no resgate
JelloKing 10 dni temu
o now
Dark Moon
Dark Moon 10 dni temu
Poor :( I love animals
MESSI MESSI 10 dni temu
Mike -elf
Mike -elf 10 dni temu
ok he cut their horns???? it actually bleed... I mean wasn't there any other wayy?? ddduuuddee
QuickFusion 10 dni temu
i know these people are good but i mean like wouldn’t any sane human save an animal though if they could i would if i got the chance to ✨
josefina cannes
josefina cannes 10 dni temu
Graciasss Humanos
josefina cannes
josefina cannes 10 dni temu
Gracias Humanos
Vencel K
Vencel K 10 dni temu
Nagyon szépen cselekednek. Egyszer én is szeretnék állatot menteni.
TOM I. 10 dni temu
Úžasný videa perfektní záchrany! Děkuji ✌️✌️✌️😉🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👍
yugandhar tikam
yugandhar tikam 10 dni temu
Shark must be like, "I came here smelling blood, got helped back into the water by these creatures. Damn it."
TranceSeeking 10 dni temu
0:33 Hey you TOUCHED me !!
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