Самые невероятные случаи вторжения диких животных в дома людей

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Бывают случаи, когда дикие животные в поисках пищи могут забрести на территорию человека и даже залезть к нему в дом, это очень опасное приключение, как для животных так и для людей. В данной подборке вы увидите, как медведи, олени, еноты, крокодилы, змеи и другие дикие животные вторгаются в дома людей. Приятного просмотра!

Podborkın TV
Podborkın TV 6 miesięcy temu
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Pastor Hernández Yuritzy
Pastor Hernández Yuritzy 9 dni temu
George Johnson
George Johnson 14 dni temu
In Florida pythons get wacked
George Johnson
George Johnson 14 dni temu
Alot of these are just dinner at the door or in the house!!!
@Zlatko Ilovac 😔😔😔😔👺
Briana majercin
Briana majercin 23 dni temu
@לבנהאני רוצה חיות בבקשה אני בוגרת בבקשה תודה אוחיון hhcjch8vs0
Charizard EXtreme
Charizard EXtreme Godzinę temu
Yooo...... if I see a bear like that in our kitchen, bruh i'm gonna die before it even attacks me
Justin Purcell
Justin Purcell Godzinę temu
3:19 dude said "bitch you on your own, I'm out!"
Just Hilinai
Just Hilinai 2 godzin temu
This is why I live in Hawaii-😂😂😂
Melissa Juarez
Melissa Juarez 3 godzin temu
04:58 Elephant: Oh, hey. Didn't see you there. Nice pool. Mind if I cool off with you?
Melissa Juarez
Melissa Juarez 3 godzin temu
Super glad that the police didn't hurt the deer :')
Toma conteúdo UwU - animation
Toma conteúdo UwU - animation 6 godzin temu
Não tem br ;-;
Croissant Comics
Croissant Comics 6 godzin temu
1:35 This is making me think of Open Season lmao
爺ディフェンサー 6 godzin temu
1:24 ピアノ売ってちょうーだい!
Matthew Odumosu
Matthew Odumosu 7 godzin temu
The bear pooped while looking him dead in the eyes then fled 😂😂😂
Hanifa Williams
Hanifa Williams 7 godzin temu
Hanifa Williams
Hanifa Williams 7 godzin temu
Chlorine inside of the water...elephant dont want it.
Hanifa Williams
Hanifa Williams 7 godzin temu
People feeding them...and this is the results🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Robloxia Blockens
Robloxia Blockens 8 godzin temu
I thought black bears were vegetarian
nmo 8 godzin temu
Who remember the kangaroo? He's there for revanche
lookinforthe70s 9 godzin temu
8:21 The biggest idiot on the planet ladies and gentlemen.
Michael Flink
Michael Flink 10 godzin temu
BBQ obsessions are the reason for high mortality rates.
Travolta 10 godzin temu
Mrs Raven
Mrs Raven 11 godzin temu
The kangaroo was the scariest to me
Kapil Sadaruvan
Kapil Sadaruvan 11 godzin temu
0:50 cutest clip...
Viktória Švedová
Viktória Švedová 12 godzin temu
The Bear at the 😅😅
Athilla Sampana
Athilla Sampana 14 godzin temu
I flinch
Olivia Landis
Olivia Landis 15 godzin temu
There is nothing more exciting than a surprise visit.
Asmus.marion0854 Asmus
Asmus.marion0854 Asmus 16 godzin temu
ᄅidk 16 godzin temu
캥거루 생각보다 ㅈ밥인가봄 유리도 못깨네
Breenud39 TV
Breenud39 TV 16 godzin temu
I like how no one is talking about the elephant 😂
Vodnik Čochtan
Vodnik Čochtan 17 godzin temu
Why is security cameras in houses always bad?
sans TH thailand
sans TH thailand 19 godzin temu
6:16 🇹🇭Thai | 🇹🇭ไทยนิ
SNIGDHA DASH 19 godzin temu
Kaun hai bhai..Bahar AAA...
kutts1986 23 godzin temu
Elephant: sorry to crash into your lame party.
Jamaican Foodie
Jamaican Foodie Dzień temu
11:34 this bear is so disrespectful🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gergö Takács
Gergö Takács Dzień temu
Australia :)
Ediel Mendoza
Ediel Mendoza Dzień temu
I love bears!!!!
Ar D
Ar D Dzień temu
What I would prefer out of all of them?? Prooobably the raccoons. No biggie hands down🤞👊🙏lol.
RobLee Dzień temu
Kangaroo was there to collect the debt
Ari Dzień temu
The elephants just like ima take a quick sip thanks
Julia Hennesey
Julia Hennesey Dzień temu
I now think kangaroos are scarier than bears
Idkkkkkkkkkize Dzień temu
LOL Why aren't more people talking about how that bear really paused to take a shit at the guy who chased him out XD
pink rabbit
pink rabbit Dzień temu
Grabeng bahay na to !! Everybody welcome inn mga animals!🤣
LifeWithKitty Dzień temu
Joshhhh let him have it😭
Elizabeth Trainer
Elizabeth Trainer Dzień temu
Is ANYONE shocked that the man jumped out of the pool @3:23 leaving his wife/girlfriend to fend for herself?!
Gayathri Bhat
Gayathri Bhat Dzień temu
Last one haha😂😂😂
Astuce & Cuisine
Astuce & Cuisine Dzień temu
Mon dieu ça fait vraiment peur 😱😱
Venky Parashar
Venky Parashar Dzień temu
Humans are most stupid of all creatures ever made
Jonathan Spencer
Jonathan Spencer Dzień temu
That kangaroo was muscular af. And they have those terrifying claws
Nathan Enfinger
Nathan Enfinger Dzień temu
Bear at the end "I shit on your lawn"
Colin W
Colin W Dzień temu
I feel so blessed to live in Ireland, not a single terrifying wild animal
Life Of Boba
Life Of Boba Dzień temu
11:34 Bear: I Aint Done Yet....
Maittee Diaz
Maittee Diaz Dzień temu
i liked how the Brown bear looked at him and took a S&$!t before leaving!!!.lol
Lo fi
Lo fi Dzień temu
El señor peleandose por la carne asada es mi espiritu animal jajajjajaa
세타할매 Dzień temu
Gavin Cannon
Gavin Cannon Dzień temu
The saddest part was that they were kicked out of their home.
A.スロフェルト Dzień temu
Gael Franca
Gael Franca Dzień temu
Wakey wakey time fo schoooo
MuHaMMeD JaVaD 2 dni temu
യഥാർഥ ഹീറോ ആനയാണ് 💝 മാസ് കൂൾ 🐘 വന്നു കുടിച്ചു പോയി
K B 2 dni temu
Police: it’s a deer, stand down Also police: it’s human ...SHOOT 🙄🙄
Christine Jackson
Christine Jackson 2 dni temu
I feel so bad for all the beautiful wildlife that used to have lots of land of their own! Millions of trees are being cut down so people can have more Shopping Plazas, Malls, McDonald's, Starbucks, Bigger Homes, Golf Courses, etc, etc, etc. We're taking away their natural environment because of man's greed! There's no wonder we're seeing more & more animals hit by cars all along the highways! It was just a matter of time before these beautiful animals would be wandering into people's back yards & into their homes! I Pray that no harm will be done to any of God's beautiful animals.XO
Neshia 2 dni temu
Is it just me or was the kangaroo jacked up with muscles.lol
tsads566 2 dni temu
Wish bear attack him, so idiot. Risking your life for foods.....
Maya Crooks
Maya Crooks 2 dni temu
is that your pet dood
sus 2 dni temu
Más que ellos invadirnos a nosotros, hemos sido las propias personas quién los ha invadido a ellos
Ms.gshunw 2 dni temu
3:10 was more dramatic than any television show!
Erich Knodel
Erich Knodel 2 dni temu
No way I’m confronting that bear at the end
Lexo ButterflyGoddess
Lexo ButterflyGoddess 2 dni temu
That bear was so disrespectful 😂
REYES HILDA 2 dni temu
Michelle M
Michelle M 2 dni temu
Omg hooves up or I will shoot! So freaking funny
aye aye
aye aye 2 dni temu
No one: Literally no one: *Me at my first piano lesson:* 1:23
aye aye
aye aye 2 dni temu
Half of these videos are from Australia lmfao
Zay Grinds
Zay Grinds 2 dni temu
That kangaroo said run the hands rq
ShiaLabeouf Shia
ShiaLabeouf Shia 2 dni temu
Kangoroo was curse of animal
Vernon Griffin
Vernon Griffin 2 dni temu
William Reilly
William Reilly 2 dni temu
That kangaroo obviously wanted a fight the bloke with the camera should have accepted the challenge. Pussy
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 2 dni temu
That elephant shouldn't drink that chlorine water! Man!!
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 2 dni temu
That guy bounced out that pool and left his lady!!
Marit 3 dni temu
*"**01:41** Bear: Aight let's see what's in the fridge."* 🤣
brenda kwong
brenda kwong 3 dni temu
4:50 epic
Kari Peepe
Kari Peepe 3 dni temu
The raccoons were so chubby cute
Kari Peepe
Kari Peepe 3 dni temu
Bear more like bearthoven.
emily rodriguez
emily rodriguez 3 dni temu
The baby bears are so cute playing in the water and the slide. They remind me of me, my sister, and cousins playing in the water and slide! 😂
Meryem Güneş
Meryem Güneş 3 dni temu
Kanguru en korkuncıu
The-crazy-cat 3 dni temu
Correcion invasión de humanos a lugares de animales salvajes y que estos intentan recuperar su espacio
Lili Lobe
Lili Lobe 3 dni temu
Airu AMV
Airu AMV 3 dni temu
K crazy, lel último oso le cago antes de irse XDDD, el hombre que tenía la barbacoa es muy imprudente y tirándole cerveza, podría enfadarse o que viniera la madre
Lanakinz 3 dni temu
Can’t tell if facing these animals ‘head-on’ is bravery or stupidity. 🤔🤭😶
Fabiana X
Fabiana X 3 dni temu
The best vídeo!
SUNITHA C 3 dni temu
Llllllppppppoyou can
Agustin Damian
Agustin Damian 4 dni temu
Laura Ventura
Laura Ventura 4 dni temu
Lo que hace por un pedazo de carne que sale a correr al oso, humano contra oso peleando por su presa
eliana5000 4 dni temu
They are not invading us but we are invading them.
Keno Korleone
Keno Korleone 4 dni temu
Man: Go on get outta here. Bear: Here's what I think about you: Liquid shit 😂😂🤣🤣💀💀
Tofiq Məmmədov
Tofiq Məmmədov 4 dni temu
Elraenn 🍋🍋🍋
MistyArts 4 dni temu
1:44 me tryna grab some macaronic and 2 am
Asia_cute_12 4
Asia_cute_12 4 4 dni temu
Si ma la gazzella non ti ha fatto niente era la dentro voleva scappare tu cosa fa la spaventi a morte ma che persone di merda eh
Cielo Abierto
Cielo Abierto 4 dni temu
Achhhhhh que corten la cabeza a ese animal.
HolyKidding800 4 dni temu
Bear's Airbnb review: Nice pool for the wife and kids, a piano you can play, and a pre-filled fridge. Five Star! Will come back
あっちん 4 dni temu
chaine variée
chaine variée 4 dni temu
Hello watch my vidéos 🧚‍♀️😊
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 4 dni temu
if i found a bear in my house i would poop my pants 17 times... lol
•Arianna Loskutova•
•Arianna Loskutova• 5 dni temu
Francine Rodrigues
Francine Rodrigues 5 dni temu
Man is an animal almost always irrational! They raise their shacks in the space of animals, destroy their tranquility and still demand that they do not enter the houses. Which of the animals are much more irrational??? Where is the organ that protects the animals worthy of the kingdoms, invaded by the animals designated by the Science of humans.
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