Животные спасают друг друга. Удивительные случаи взаимопомощи между животными

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Хочу поделиться с вами удивительно трогательными моментами взаимопомощи между животными. Это редкие, потрясающие кадры, на которых видно, как животные спасают друг друга и помогают друг другу в опасных и сложных ситуациях. Приятного просмотра!

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C K 17 minut temu
Have you ever skipped an ad and then been like, "Wait, no--"
Justin Purcell
Justin Purcell Godzinę temu
7:06 The lion saw that it was being recorded and was like "imma be PLpost famous but I'm still gonna eat you later"
Common man
Common man 3 godzin temu
Lion killed the calf and ate it later. watched the full video
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 4 godzin temu
The only thing this video showed me is humans are awful.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 4 godzin temu
For everyone saying the guy should have helped the monkey, you need to stop projecting human emotions onto animals. That mother monkey would have ripped is face off. The one people should be enraged about is the dogs having to save each other, while humans laugh, after throwing a stick to get the dog into trouble. 3:20
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 5 godzin temu
0:48 Look at all the other elephants in the back, going nuts wanting to help.
Clifton Daigle
Clifton Daigle 5 godzin temu
The threatening cabinet arespectively suit because passbook certainly face among a fresh trail. striped, general gentle professor
Katie Wang
Katie Wang 7 godzin temu
The owner didn't even bother to save his own dog- he just recorded it.
ii-Gacha Amy-ii U-U
ii-Gacha Amy-ii U-U 7 godzin temu
I don’t think the lion was gonna eat it- cause he’d it like right at the moment since the animal would’ve ran off
MatRix Lol
MatRix Lol 8 godzin temu
3:12 Humano mas incapacitado no puede ser, en vez de ayudar al perro, graba para hacerlo viral😡🤬
P Jean
P Jean 10 godzin temu
The greatest thing I’ve ever seen is where a baby orca got stuck on the shoreline and the mother orca found a way to save her baby off the shoreline that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life
Tatiana Vera
Tatiana Vera 10 godzin temu
notaron como el otro elefante estaba inquieto por el elefante bebé
I will defeat I will defeat An random mlg boi
I will defeat I will defeat An random mlg boi 11 godzin temu
1:25 the person that recorded this and didn't saved the monkey is a cruel person. Good thing that a other monkey was there
Вика Виктория
Вика Виктория 11 godzin temu
GOATIFIED GAMER 11 godzin temu
Ok but why was the camera person just watching the monkey drown
tom meehan
tom meehan 11 godzin temu
Prick filming the baby monkey, no words
phoenixia dz
phoenixia dz 12 godzin temu
Le chimpanzé est plus humain que ce criminel au sang froid qui était en train de filmer ..... Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo 💚
Plant lover
Plant lover 12 godzin temu
That's not a lioness just saying cats a near full grown male
Plant lover
Plant lover 12 godzin temu
What sick human would laugh at there dog being dragged down a waterfall??😑🙄🙄
Shaun Dempsy
Shaun Dempsy 14 godzin temu
The libtards will be thinking the goose is mean because the fox just wants to eat lol. Sorry to bring politics into a good video but I couldn't resist
Gabriele Simionato
Gabriele Simionato 14 godzin temu
Orangutan with a leaf: "I will teach a trick to these hiumeins"
Ab Relax Music
Ab Relax Music 15 godzin temu
Nice Video Clips
Lara Schrader
Lara Schrader 15 godzin temu
1:38 he's like "somebody help me pleeeeease!"
Gaius Julius
Gaius Julius 15 godzin temu
Nothing special here except for the confused lion who ended up failing to save the tasty calf.
Kyani Campbell
Kyani Campbell 17 godzin temu
why are they watching them drown while recording like help them!!!!!
Lan Dang
Lan Dang 17 godzin temu
7:43 Are you sure the lionness is not trying to save the calf for her own dinner?
Rei Eben
Rei Eben 56 minut temu
That is not Lionness that is juvenile young Male Lion, the one that charge try to steal the calf is adult Female Lionness
Samatar Mumin
Samatar Mumin 18 godzin temu
Animal doing like peaple helping each other but the peaple killing hate each athers
Andréia vieira
Andréia vieira 20 godzin temu
Top4ic 22 godzin temu
Почему здесь комментарии английские?
Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari 23 godzin temu
7:30 they don't want to hurt others but they don't have a choice always. But we humans do :)
xavier prudhomme
xavier prudhomme 23 godzin temu
les humains devraient prendre exemple
Travis Stone
Travis Stone Dzień temu
what kind of people will hit dislike?
Mac Macaraig
Mac Macaraig Dzień temu
some of the footage taken seems to be that some humans just stood there with their dicks hanging out on thier damn mouth and didnt do a damn thing to save the animals when in fact they were literally a few feet away from that disater. omgosh!! sorry animals, but humans suffer from the airplane mode syndrome.
A k
A k Dzień temu
Love how the polar bear was'nt helping but supporting to struggle for his own life and learn💜
Dark Star
Dark Star Dzień temu
What were people doing in background
sam kennedy
sam kennedy Dzień temu
Im pretty sure the lion was just saving his food for later.
ii-Gacha Amy-ii U-U
ii-Gacha Amy-ii U-U 7 godzin temu
Dude, there was a comment from a week ago with the same comment, not to be a karen but copying someone’s comment one by one is wrong-
Crazy _lollipop_Nightcore 16
Crazy _lollipop_Nightcore 16 Dzień temu
Absolutely amazing, a lot of respect!!
Chez Shez
Chez Shez Dzień temu
Ok for anyone who goes to a park that has baby monkeys around, don't touch the baby monkeys. Their mothers will shred you. They'll bite you and they carry some nasty diseases like Hep B, herpes, etc. I'm surprised anyone has to be told this.
S R Dzień temu
only a psycho would watch the baby monkey drown and not save it. forget the phone
Jorge Arantes
Jorge Arantes Dzień temu
FIFI Chik Dzień temu
luckily the monkey mom is there
NUR Dzień temu
Alin Gorbanescu
Alin Gorbanescu Dzień temu
Un video davvero commovente!🥺 Certo che gli animali nel loro cuore hanno molto più amore di noi, su questo non si discute.❤️❤️
Soo Lehr
Soo Lehr Dzień temu
Stormy Weather at Pearl Beach in Australia ⛈🌊☔️Watch the full video here: plpost.info/chat/sNu5foOq4G2qhXo/wideo.html
n L
n L Dzień temu
Meanwhile....human are killing other human being, every day....
Air the Bear
Air the Bear Dzień temu
Doesn't show the orangatan moments later feasting on the baby bird with his homies
Barry Sabahat
Barry Sabahat Dzień temu
That was a juvenile male lion. Not a lioness. And that calf will die, even if the lion does not eat it because there is no milk to nurse it.
Дарья Орлова
Дарья Орлова Dzień temu
Лайк и дизлайк одновременно! Были фрагменты,где мог помочь ЧЕЛОВЕК,а не снимать ! Например обезьянку вытащить и других конечно,где очевидно было возможно!
Rahmbo21 Dzień temu
this guy who was filming insteat of helping the dog.. omg..
雯倩蕭 Dzień temu
Im pretty sure the lion was just saving his food for later.
sam kennedy
sam kennedy Dzień temu
Animal kingdom: exists Crocodiles: Nah man, u don't wanna mess with them Hippos...
Kudi Dzień temu
pathetic, the people who film and do nothing
Cuộc sống quanh ta Vlog
Cuộc sống quanh ta Vlog Dzień temu
Great video. Love from Vietnam!
Наташа Голець
Наташа Голець Dzień temu
Жывотные благородней людей
yessir Dzień temu
that's one lucky animal that god saved from hippos. Normally they would kill the animal because hippos don't like intruders swimming in their water
Ryan Frampton
Ryan Frampton 2 dni temu
The guy filming the monkey drown could of helped it!
Leo Mills
Leo Mills 2 dni temu
That dog just wanted the stick
Rasika Lingam
Rasika Lingam 2 dni temu
I dunno..why the guy just taking video only while the monkey struggling to climb up. Stupid guy..no humanity but just wanted to be fame
zack 2 dni temu
The dog just wanted the stick lol
Pibly 2 dni temu
That Labrador stick rescue was awesome - as was the dog saving another from car backing up.
BodyOpt 2 dni temu
That dog owner should either be arrested and charged or committed to a mental hospital for throwing his stick INTO the rapids. Prick. Medieval behaviour. I hope he didn't get away with submitting his footage to media channels!
روائع فاطيما فاشون
روائع فاطيما فاشون 2 dni temu
جميل بالتوفيق
Carmela Pisano
Carmela Pisano 2 dni temu
Dolcissimi animali si aiutano e si salvano a vicenda sono formidabili meglio delle persone umane meglio avere un mondo pieno di animali che di teste di c........o al potere loro distruggono ,gli animali invece aiutano
Hieu Luong
Hieu Luong 2 dni temu
The editing in this video is so terrible
Simi Sami
Simi Sami 2 dni temu
1:28 Why are they standing over the top filming instead of helping????
kaushik Samaddar
kaushik Samaddar 2 dni temu
Saving an animal is more important than to have 100 likes in an you tube video
YB™ 2 dni temu
So I’m guessing filming a baby monkey struggling to climb back up from the water is more important than actually helping him. 🙄 Humans....
DaggerZidane 2 dni temu
These are just purely motherly instinct.. love these animals
Юлия Ипполитова
Юлия Ипполитова 2 dni temu
Сижу сейчас и слёзы наворачиваются
Durga Kahar
Durga Kahar 2 dni temu
R F 2 dni temu
jf homeliving
jf homeliving 2 dni temu
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud 2 dni temu
tew jî ne wusa ye, her ajal dijminê ajalê din e mînê mirova ne, mirov jî dijminê mirovên din in!
Walter Kowalski
Walter Kowalski 3 dni temu
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis 3 dni temu
😢 I am crying
Smaug Lord
Smaug Lord 3 dni temu
Who's the dumbass keep filming and not helping the poor monkey , I hate how people just stands and do NOTHING 😡
wow tv
wow tv 3 dni temu
thanks for sharing
mariac0rrell 3 dni temu
Its sad how the dude just watched the nany monkey drown and laughing in the background
Patrick Neil
Patrick Neil 3 dni temu
Amazing God is the greatest of all 🙏🏾🇯🇲
Mkmسمر احمد Mk.
Mkmسمر احمد Mk. 3 dni temu
فعلان سبحان الله
Macchione LeylaGreys
Macchione LeylaGreys 3 dni temu
Jerusalema funny 😄 plpost.info/chat/x7W5hZvYuaVrq3o/wideo.html
-THIAGO- 3 dni temu
Como assim o título é em português mas só tem comentários em inglês.
HoverbotFPV 3 dni temu
Most humans only pull out their phones.
Пупсик Пупсик
Пупсик Пупсик 3 dni temu
Животные помогают друг другу а люди имбицилы снимают и ржут....животные умнее людей ...
Andre Sperling
Andre Sperling 2 dni temu
Жажда получить лайк важнее, больное общество.
Паша Пашка
Паша Пашка 3 dni temu
Помните, не все животные так делают, как и не все люди.
Ra Khau
Ra Khau 3 dni temu
يارب الهديه قبل النهايه &
يارب الهديه قبل النهايه & 3 dni temu
#سـبـحــان الــلــه وبــحـمـده سبـــحــان الـــلـــه الــعــظــيـم
jeb stuart
jeb stuart 3 dni temu
Good thing the dog grabbed the stick because the dog hating cameraman did nothing to help.
THEE D3NZXL 3 dni temu
that lion was just playing with his food as most cats do not saving it
Katelyn Farrar
Katelyn Farrar 3 dni temu
The last one “wow, that was terrifying..Thanks guys!!”
IBRAGIM TV 3 dni temu
Aljo Cindrak
Aljo Cindrak 3 dni temu
Zivotinje su lepe :)
Mathieu KANDASAMY 3 dni temu
Human take always stupid video he and she don't go help
파워에이드 3 dni temu
Kural M
Kural M 3 dni temu
7.05 Heart touching ❤️
Sammy Woo
Sammy Woo 4 dni temu
Who stooopid hooman threw the stick? Fortunately dogs smart and fast.
F A 4 dni temu
That lion is not a lioness. It has mane. It was probably too tired to eat and don’t want to eat yet when competition are around in case the food is stolen.
AJAY VERMA 4 dni temu
Mja fad diay yar
VPR Pena
VPR Pena 4 dni temu
Elephants are just magnificent 😍
Jireh Motton
Jireh Motton 4 dni temu
You just looking at the baby monkey with a camera and do nothing while it’s trying to get put the water
LA FLARE 4 dni temu
No the lion is playing with its food thats whst they do to baby animals sometimes and she stopped the other lion from eating her food u idiots😂😂😂
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